Hurricane Michael Mexico Beach Devastation
Property Damage

Mexico Beach Devastation

This is the blurb on the home page of the Mexico Beach website:

Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Michael—a Category 4 storm which made landfall in Mexico Beach, Florida, on October 10, 2018—most of the area saw major destruction. Rest assured that we are a strong, resilient community and we will come back from this better than ever before. While there are obstacles in front of us, we will get back to that place—that place that makes Mexico Beach unforgettable. We would also like to thank all those who have offered their support, time, manual labor, and supplies in the wake of the hurricane. Your help has meant everything to us!Sincerely,
Kimberly Shoaf, president of the Mexico Beach Community Development Council

Righteous Claim Solutions is a premiere Public Adjuster company helping with the recovery and rebuilding efforts in Mexico Beach. Jack Taylor is one of the most honorable and respected men in the entire industry.

Mexico Beach was devastated by Hurricane Michael. It’s been over two months since this catastrophic event and the rebuilding is moving forward. The before and after photos are incredible – and very sad. The Florida panhandle has always been a favorite destination for travelers in Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and beyond – even Canada. Hwy 98 is the main corridor thru Mexico Beach – it still looks like a bomb exploded.

Hurricane Michael destroyed Mexico Beach.

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In the meantime our prayers are with everyone impacted by this devastating storm.

Jack Taylor
Righteous Claim Solutions 

Jack Taylor Owner of Righteous Claim Solutions, LLC. Jack is a loving family man who lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Jack is the epitome of protective when it comes to his clients. Righteous Claim Solutions sends you such appreciation for using our Company for your needs in trying times.

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