This is when RIghteous Claim Solutions Public Adjuster meets with Insurance Carrier Adjusters to Negotiate the Estimate and Damages of the loss
Step by Step Process with Public Adjuster

Step 10: Negotiation Phase

We have completed our Estimate of damages.

The Carrier has completed their Estimate of damage.

This is the process through which we discuss and negotiate

the differences in our published estimates. This is where Righteous

Claim Solutions Representatives shine.

The standard procedure is the Righteous Public Adjuster negotiates with

the Carrier’s Adjuster to obtain the best possible settlement.

This process can take days, weeks or even months depending on

the Carrier’s Adjuster’s attitude, experience, and availability.

Policy language and expertise in the interpretation of said language

plays a vital role in the negotiation process. It is here when the

precision and skill of the Estimate Writer comes into play. By both being

able to interpret the policy language and formulate the language into an

estimate format, gives us a great advantage in the Step 9 process.

Jack Taylor Owner of Righteous Claim Solutions, LLC. Jack is a loving family man who lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Jack is the epitome of protective when it comes to his clients. Righteous Claim Solutions sends you such appreciation for using our Company for your needs in trying times.

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