This is where you decide if you want to hire your Public Adjuster to represent your interest with professional Claims experience
Step by Step Process with Public Adjuster

Step 3: The Decision

The presentation has been given.

You have met and evaluated your Public Adjuster.

Your Public Adjuster has seen your property.

Now it is time for the decision.

Read the Contract thoroughly.


  • Always make a well-informed decision.
  • Understand that Public Adjusters do this every day.
  • The experience of Righteous Claim Solutions is invaluable.
  • This can be a frightening situation so let our experience work for you.

Jack Taylor Owner of Righteous Claim Solutions, LLC. Jack is a loving family man who lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Jack is the epitome of protective when it comes to his clients. Righteous Claim Solutions sends you such appreciation for using our Company for your needs in trying times.

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