This is when Righteous Claim Solutions begins to prepare your estimate
Step by Step Process with Public Adjuster

Step 7: Estimate Preparation

At this point, our Structure Estimator will visit and evaluate the

damage to your property. During this process, he will sketch (draw)

scope (make a list of damaged materials) and take photographs

inside and out of every room and exterior elevation to assist him/her

in the proper assessment of your loss. Depending on the size of your structure,

this process can take a few hours to several weeks to complete.

The specifics of this step have to be as exact and precise as possible.

This measuring, recording, and photographing process

provides all the necessary information to prepare a

Professional Comprehensive Estimate using the latest version of Xactimate.

Xactimate is the Industry Standard Estimating Program used by most Insurance

Carriers nationwide. Righteous Claim Solutions CEO, Jack, has been using this

Software since its inception. Our team is reliable and proficient in its use

and application.

Jack Taylor Owner of Righteous Claim Solutions, LLC. Jack is a loving family man who lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Jack is the epitome of protective when it comes to his clients. Righteous Claim Solutions sends you such appreciation for using our Company for your needs in trying times.

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