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Jack is an UNBENDING Champion for his Clients and trains all his assistants to be the same. Jack is a Professional in helping ease of stress in the Claim Solution Process. When available, Jack will speak to you at length to answer your questions and to let you know if he can help your Claim Process.

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Don't hesitate to reach out. When trained and compassionate people understand the hardship of loss, of destruction, of possibly moving out of your home or having to close your business, it HELPS YOU. The Righteous Team firmly believes you should take time to consult with Expert Public Adjusters for advice and knowledge when you're in a crisis and BEFORE disaster strikes. Have Righteous Claim Solutions on standby for your Companies and or Residential Holdings.

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A Public Adjuster represents you, THE CLIENT, THE POLICYHOLDER, NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY. You want us to help you increase your Claim Benefit when you feel shorted by your Policyholder's offer. HIRE US TODAY! We offer representation, relief, estimation expertise, negotiation and settlement efforts and taking a claim to appraisal when necessary.

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Call or email us for a Consult Request. These Claim Checks are too important not to at least have a PA look over your offer. You could possibly gain a much greater financial benefit but how would you know if you do not request a consult with us. Reach out today. Email a consult request with your information or call.

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State License #2274126


State License #1050404


State License #17001538


State License #2116647


State License #2904505


State License #W528674


State License #17001538


State License #17001538

 Righteous Claim Solutions LLC is a Public Adjusting firm with an extensive and excellent independent estimating department with over 20 years of experience with Xactimate (xactware). The RCS team is persistent in integrity, honor and real transparency in a pressured market. Jack is a wonderful man to have on your side as your negotiator, protector, claim management source, professional and precise estimation prep expectation of highest standards. Jack treats all insurance companies and their adjusters with due respect while focusing on the advocation and maximization of your claim.

As our client, your interests are the utmost priority. A Public Adjuster is a team player for the opposite side of the insurance claim process as in WE work for you, not the insurance company where you purchased your policy. A Public Insurance Adjuster is a State-Licensed Insurance Professional with Educational Training who specializes in managing every aspect of varied types of insurance claims on behalf of you, the client or policyholder, claimant, or party that is the insured. Public Insurance Adjusters provide careful hands-on management for “adjusting” insurance claims where the Client feels and unfair settlement has occurred. Public Adjusters are powerful Claims Advocate who take over your claim process and deal directly with your Insurance Policy Provider and Appointed Insurance Adjuster provided by the said company. 

The general public is aware of Insurance Adjusters or Claims Handlers when they file a declaration or proof of loss. The name "Public Adjuster" is titled this way for it is for the public peoples for it is the Professional Public Insurance Adjuster who protects your interest when there is a conflict of settlement or need of a re-evaluation of your property damages and compensation for repairs.

A Public Adjuster performs the same functions as an Insurance Adjuster but is hired by the policyholder, to advocate for you, the client, during the steps of appraising and negotiating a claim. We represent your financial interests which are often lacking during these stressful situations.

Our Firm will make sure your claim is handled correctly for a fair and precise outcome of satisfaction for our clients. Maximizing compensation is why so many hires from the Public Insurance Adjuster Industry for documented cases of thousands of dollars have been at stake countless times.  Our focus is your protection, and in the finality of our relationship, you feel you were able to recover from the catastrophe, damage or disaster.

Romans 12: 10-11

10 Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;

11 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;


Our workflow consists of many avenues but here are some examples. RCS has a great relationship with other Public Adjusting Firms, and we are often hired by them to write Estimates or consult with existing claims. Jack is just one of those guys that gives a warm and secure protected knowing.

Jack Taylor maintains his Licensure as a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of North Carolina, and he merely brings a trusted protective feel to the service we provide you which you will detect the first moment you speak to him in person or in a video conference or by phone.


We are often consulted by big construction companies when disaster has ravished an area. Construction companies have no say in our process, but recommendations by them is a must at times. The reason for these situations is simple.

A Contractor has quoted you an exact renovation cost, and yet your Insurance Company has undercut reasonable price by $20,000 to $40,000 in repairs. The restoration process and settlement check for damages you will need for repairs should not leave you in tears and a state of despair, call us if this happens for this is the moment it is worth bringing us in to manage your claim and to see if you have a valid case for more substantial improvement costs.

Righteous Claim Solutions have professional training to understand the often overwhelming questions such as ~ is this covered in my policy as a policyholder?

We are knowledgeable about business cost recuperation, domestic homeowner policy, and variable items. Please understand we are a great and valuable asset FOR YOU.

Visit our Public Adjusting Department for more information for any client in need of a trained and State Licensed PIA (Public Insurance Adjuster)



Teaching the Homeowner and Business Operators how important it is to at least consult with the Public Adjusting Field over your claim.


Having years of experience in Estimation, Xactware and Insurance Companies and the additional Court Experience makes Jack and Righteous Claim Solutions a fierce addition to your Claim Process.


Righteous Claim Solutions has a HIGH standard on Honest Estimates, Rooted Integrity and will have no part in fluffing or being dishonest in the Claim Process.

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Are you ready to find out how we can improve your Claim?

There are times Righteous Claim Solutions LLC have managed claims which result in 80-100% gains on the policyholder's behalf. Call us for your claim solution.

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Righteous Claim Solutions is a Public Adjuster Firm with an Estimating Department